A Portrait of Togetherness with U.S. Military Janitorial Crews

What makes an awesome team, a team that’s happy to come together each time and make an impact, however big or small, on the world? This question has been asked by many people throughout the decades, but at Golden Rule Industries, we have some classic examples of teams that get it right. For example, when it comes to the Blue Team at Broken Arrow, there isn’t any other way. This team, shown here with their can-do spirit, exemplifies the Golden Rule Industries Janitorial Crews that contribute to the 4 United States Military facilities in the Eastern Oklahoma area. These include the Federal Courthouse, U.S. Attorney’s office, County Services building, and DHS property in Muskogee, Oklahoma. Let’s take a closer look at what drives this team to be the best they can possibly be.

A Bigger Purpose and Even Bigger Hearts

Some of the elements of teamwork that our U.S. Military Janitorial Crews do best is purpose and passion. Every day, they come prepared to keep the facilities pristine and ready to go. But they also take pride in making this possible, going beyond any one single person’s efforts to get the whole job done. Every aspect of the job is a significant and integral task to finish. And in doing so, they serve those who serve our country and take great heart in this work. The staff and visitors to these locations can see the difference that our teams make. And each one of our crews has chosen Golden Rule Industries to express their desire for this vocation, because of the importance of that bigger principle to help others.


Driven to Succeed

When the going gets tough, awesome teams still come together to get results. They lift each other up and come together to affect change and make things happen. This is especially true for our Janitorial Crews. For them, every day on the job is a day to make an impact. Whether it’s through dedication and hard work or through touching someone’s heart and inspiring them, our teams measure success in smiles and positive attitudes. As individuals, they know the value of being united to ensure that the work is successfully completed. Through their accomplishments, their driven to be the best they can possibly be, drawing on their skills and knowledge. Every day represents the opportunity to achieve something new and put their teamwork into action. When it comes down to it, our Janitorial Crew teams are the embodiment of leadership.


Everyone Contributing Their Unique Skill

Another aspect that our Janitorial Crew teams get right is that every single person on the team is valued. For many people, life has shown them a unique set of experiences, while arming them with different strengthens. Our teams give each member a chance to use those skills and experiences that are unique to them, even while learning even more from their peers. It’s our belief that everyone has something to give, no matter how small, and that that contribution is worthwhile. Our Janitorial crew teams embody this philosophy, finding the respect they deserve and the benefits of finding their place on the team.

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