Running Toward Ever Greater Pursuits in Muskogee

As a non-profit in Muskogee, Golden Rule always has an eye open for opportunities to better serve our community and our working partners. Likewise, our staff spends time exploring ideas and developing plans that will bring our bigger vision to fruition. As many of our readers know, those efforts have included everything from energy-filled basketball games for our working partners to partnering with other organizations to make a difference. At Golden Rule and in the Muskogee community, there’s always something exciting in the works.

This fact couldn’t be more true than right now. As we launch new initiatives and seek out those exceptional ideas, we’re making 2017 a busy year at our Muskogee non-profit. This month, one idea that’s taken hold which we believe will be huge for our community is a charitable 5k/fun run on the Saturday that Muskogee’s 2nd annual G-Fest music festival takes place – June 17. We are excited to announce that we’ll be running to G-Fest and back along Muskogee’s Centennial Trail – starting at the Oklahoma Music Hall of Fame and ending back at Golden Rule Industries at 627 Elgin St. To make it even more fun, we want everyone who participates to dress up as their favorite musician! We hope to see plenty of Elvis, Willie Nelson, Van Halen and Dierks Bentley lookalikes trekking down the trail! Take a quick look with us today about why we’re bringing this event to Muskogee residents.

Muskogee Reaches for More, Every Day

There was an extremely important reason why we decided that a 5k/fun run made sense for Muskogee. Across the nation, you hear how cities and metropolitan areas are defined by a handful of characteristics. Along those lines, our area is well-known for healthy lifestyles, athletic endeavors, and stunning outdoors. As any of our fellow residents can attest, you can often find people getting fit in our area. Whether it’s kayaking our three rivers or biking some of our beautiful trails, residents here know a thing or two about enjoying where we live. Of course, there’s also our college running teams and the running club at Cherokee Nation. It’s nearly a truism that our residents love to get out and get active.

Partnering Together for a Better World

Equally true, however, is the fact that a 5k/fun run allows people to be met where they’re at, literally. It doesn’t matter if you’re 10 years old or 60 years old, a competitive track star or a novice runner, you can meet everyone at the starting line. At the same time, the entire community can come out and everyone can make friends, all while providing our mission with greater visibility. This defining aspect is also true for all our working partners, who will be able to participate and completely enjoy the involvement. In this way, the Golden Rule 5k/fun run promises that each resident of Muskogee has a role to play in the event.

Striving for an Assured Future for All

And really, who knows… our 5k/fun run could spawn even bigger and more amazing events. The main point is that, Golden Rule continues to make a difference in the lives of our working partners and our residents in Muskogee.

Watch here, in our local newspaper, on our Facebook page and on running calendar websites for more information as we get closer to the inaugural Golden Rule Musical 5k and Fun Run!

Have you been looking for a way to make a difference in the lives of a person with a disability? Whether you’re volunteering your time, giving a charitable donation to our thrift stores, or providing a monetary sum, you’re helping us make that difference! Get in touch with us today!

Author Kit Williams – As a long-time writer and editor, Kit Williams has worked closely with many non-profit organizations to tell their story to the community. Through his partnership with Golden Rule, the organization is bringing its valuable message to the world.

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