Striving for 1st Place: Announcing Golden Rule’s Musical Fun Run & 5k During G Fest

Several times a month, we take you behind-the-scenes here at Golden Rule to see what’s inspiring us, but also what we have in the works. For the Muskogee area, it’s a wonderful opportunity to see how our community is developing and growing, even as you connect with a good cause. Nevertheless, it’s also a chance for us to give you a sneak peek into all the amazing events we’re putting together for you, our working partners, and our staff. This way, you can participate in all the magic, either through charitable giving, lending a helping hand, or by attending one of the events yourself.

Recently, we shared our plans for an annual fun run and 5k that would shine a spotlight on the Muskogee area. When the idea came to us, we knew that it would be a smashing hit offering an amazing outreach opportunity to everyone in the community, from young to old and from community leaders to everyday residents. To put it another way: we knew that all Muskogee residents would be winners with this event, and that’s something special we simply couldn’t pass up on.

Well, today, we have even more news about what is now the Official Golden Rule Musical Fun Run and 5k event, and you’re going to love every bit of it.

Choosing an Award-Winning Route with G-Fest

What better way to celebrate our local Muskogee community then by holding our run in June during G Fest? If you’ve been in our area long, you’re probably already totally familiar with this one-of-a-kind musical event, which saw its inaugural weekend last summer, but just in case, check out the full experience. In short, it’s 3 days of rocking bands, excellent camping, and now… Golden Rule’s Musical Fun Run and 5k. During the run, we’ll race the trail around the festival grounds, bolstered by everything amazing happening in Muskogee.

Putting on a Serious Show Like You’ve Never Seen

We’ll also be inviting some of our own ultra-famous musicians of all time… sort of. Picture it for a moment, if you can: Elvis, the Beatles, maybe Willie Nelson. Each epic musician rounding the bend of the track together, trying to rush ahead of each other for the grand prize. Okay, maybe it won’t be the real-life Patsy Cline or the genuine Merle Haggard, but everyone who runs is encouraged to dress as their favorite musician, past or present. We know our working partners are going to be overwhelmingly excited to participate in the fun!

Get up and Go, Go, Go!

In addition to volunteers, Golden Rule is also looking for sponsors for the event. Sponsors who donate at least $500 will have their company logo and/or name memorialized on the first official event T-shirt and flyers. Not only is it a great way to help the community, but by sponsoring, you’re also ensuring the everyone at the run and at G-Fest knows about your company.

And because we’ve partnered with a professional organizer for the event, all runners will be able to register soon and get early-bird pricing. Plus, we’ll also be giving a special discount for those who register on race day and can show their G-Fest ticket stub or wristband.

If you’re interested in volunteering or sponsoring, please contact Wendy at Golden Rule for more information. You can call 918-682-6500 ext. 227 or email her at

You’ll be hearing plenty more information in the coming month or two. But the biggest part to remember is that when we hit the track, our song will be the roaring crowds of Muskogee cheering us to the finish line.

Author Kit Williams – As a long-time writer and editor, Kit Williams has worked closely with many non-profit organizations to tell their story to the community. Through his partnership with Golden Rule, the organization is bringing its valuable message to the world.

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