Online registration coming soon for the Golden Rule Musical 5K/Fun Run at G-Fest

As the Golden Rule staff plans and organizes our upcoming music-minded 5k and fun run, we’re keeping you in the loop with all the developments. Together, we learned about what sparked the idea and got the ball rolling. Then, we also saw our musical theme come together, as well as how Golden Rule, a favorite Muskogee non-profit, is partnering with G-Fest, the area’s exciting outdoor music festival. And now, we’re running down even more news about what is going to be a community event like you’ve never experienced before.

Trotting Out Our Sneakers… and Our Trombones

Not only are we lacing up our running shoes here at Golden Rule, we’re also tuning our guitars and breaking out our trumpets and trombones. For our working partners and staff, there’s plenty of buzz about getting their musically-themed outfits ready for the fun run. We’re talking about Dolly Parton, Elvis, and many more. There’s even rumor that our new marketing manager Wendy will be donning her favorite Stevie Nicks outfit! The musical part of the fun run is well on its way to being a smashing hit. And on that note, we’re also inviting you to wear your own outfits, whether you want to come in your retro band t-shirts or as your favorite musician. Maybe you even want to jam on your guitar or saxophone during the run. And we say, “yes, yes, yes!”

Setting the Pace with Local Race Company I:40

Keeping with our focus on local and regional partnerships, Golden Rule will be joining forces with I:40, the Muskogee located racing service. In addition to adding their running expertise to the course, we’ve also paired with the Road Runner Technical Counsel of the USA to have the 5k track officially certified. For you serious runners, you’re in for a track that will allow you to circle the G-Fest event, enjoy the Muskogee Centennial Trail, and end near the Muskogee water park. We’ll also have water stations for you, numerous prizes, an inflatable arch, and lots of music. Plus, when you pre-register, you’re going to get a t-shirt and early bird pricing, which we’ll have more on at a later date.

Muskogee Businesses and Organizations Running Side-by-Side

Probably the biggest news, however, is that we have our first race sponsor! We want to welcome and congratulate the Muskogee Phoenix, our own area media resource. Their name will be included in all our race advertising and on our social media. And don’t worry… if you’re wondering how your business can join in this honor, we’ve got all the info you need. For businesses that donate $500, you’ll get your name and logo on our official runner’s t-shirt, as well as featured on our flyers and the rest of our advertising. In addition, your brand will also be featured on the website as well as other venues. That’s a lot of potential eyes focused on all the good that you do in community when you partner with our Muskogee non-profit! We also have an option for businesses to donate $250 or less as well. Simply contact Wendy at 918-682-6500 ext. 227 or email her at Let’s bring all of Muskogee together on this one!

Keeping the Beat Never Felt Better

And really, for Muskogee, your donations are making a huge difference. For one, they’re allowing us to make this race a reality for everyone. But beyond that fact, they also go toward vocational training for our working partners. Just like you or I, they feel an immense pride in their work, and with every dollar we collect, we’re able to provide them more training and resources. In fact, currently, we have about 70 working partners in locations throughout the Muskogee area, and your charitable donations help us shorten the line on our waiting list, so that we can help even more people in our area. Because of your help, not only are we making the musical 5k and fun run a roaring success, we’re also creating a chorus of harmonious voices dedicated to making our community an amazing place to live, work, and… run in.

But we really want to hear about your excitement! Do you have an outrageous musical outfit planned? Are you a runner ready to challenge yourself during an awesome race? Tell us about it in the comments!

Author Kit Williams – As a long-time writer and editor, Kit Williams has worked closely with many non-profit organizations to tell their story to the community. Through his partnership with Golden Rule, the organization is bringing its valuable message to the world.

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