A Few Social Media Highlights from Golden Rule

At Golden Rule Jobs, we love to show off our family of working partners, staff, and community members as much as we can. After all, it’s these people that make every day possible at our Muskogee non-profit, and we couldn’t be happier to honor them, as well as highlighting their contributions. Whether they’re helping keep our thrift store shelves stocked or generating new ideas for our fundraisers, each person adds something unique to the culture of Golden Rule, but also, the community of Muskogee.

In addition to highlighting these moments here on our blog, we also regularly share plenty of them over on our social media. If you haven’t yet had a chance to check out our Facebook, what you’ll find is A fun-filled look into the magic that makes our organization special. Today, we wanted to show you a few of those moments, before you head over to hit that “like” button!

A Candid Window into the Lives of Our Muskogee Family

Along with showcasing many of our events, the Golden Rule Facebook is also a wonderful way to sneak peek into how it all happens. For an excellent example, look no further than our recent post for when our candlemaker aprons arrived. You can simply feel the excitement in every one of the photos as our awesome candlemakers don their aprons for the first time.

Plus, a Place to Share in it All

In the same way, when you see all the comments and sharing going on over at our Facebook, it’s hard not to get inspired. Our Candlery is a fundraising project that’s really taking off, and the excitement it’s creating is evident already. As our working partners see this enthusiasm, they’re pumped up even more about the hard work they’re putting in to make this Muskogee startup possible.

And You Can Stay Up-to-Date with Numerous Photos

However, you’ll find that it’s equally true that our events generate a fair amount of buzz themselves too. Our recent visit at A Night to Shine was captured with tons of photos of everyone having an amazing time. Events like these give our working partners a chance to experience those celebrations that you or I might sometimes take for granted, but for them, are a huge opportunity to meet and connect with others. Through every event, they learn and grow, even as they’re filled with that positive energy of being part of the Muskogee community.

You Can Also Check Out Our Multi-Media

Along those lines, the Golden Rule Facebook is still an outstanding place to catch a video or two about our ongoing efforts. As a Muskogee non-profit, we strive to give a voice to each and every member of our team, and our Facebook is a powerful way to see that fact in action.

Along with Our Working Partners, Our Facebook is Also About You

Finally, you can read reviews of our thrift stores, even as you leave your own kind words about stopping in to see us. We read all the comments you leave, finding in them the uplifting spirit that makes Muskogee an unbelievable place to work in, but also, an incredible metro area to live in and support. If you haven’t left us a review or a comment, be sure to head over now. We’re waiting to hear from you!

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