Hope, Togetherness, & Craftsmanship. The Golden Rule Candlery is Growing

Golden Rule Candlery now has an Etsy page, and we are making wax melts! At our Muskogee non-profit, we’re always on a mission to touch the lives of our working partners, as well as the lives of residents throughout the Muskogee area. After all, it’s our desire to make a real impact throughout our community by providing opportunities for our working partners, but also through uniting all of us in a common cause. With the Golden Rule Candlery, we’re accomplishing exactly that mission and so much more. As you’ve followed us from the Candlery’s creation, you’ve seen how this fundraising effort was sparked from a small idea and has quickly become a force for good in our community. At the same time, we’re also very glad to report that it’s rapidly growing and expanding into a story of hope, togetherness, and craftsmanship.

Announcing Our New Product, Wax Melts!

For our working partners, seeing the Candlery taking shape and growing is an incredibly powerful opportunity for them. It is at once a lesson in how something small can become something very big. It’s also a wonderful chance for them to feel proud about what they’re building together. And this month, we’re announcing the addition of a new product line. Because we’ve received such positive feedback on our candles, we knew we had to branch out and present a new product to our community. Of course, wax melts made perfect sense, and when we discovered how the process overlaps between creating candles and wax melts, we immediately added this to our product line. Now you can grab a 6-cube wax package for $6.

Launching Our Candle of the Month Club

Plus, with some excellent feedback from the local Muskogee community, we’ve also decided to launch an exciting new part of the Candlery. The Golden Rule Cares Club is your chance to belong to a monthly candle club that gives you access to our well-crafted candles. In addition to being able to get both candles and wax melts sent directly to your door, you’re also participating in another amazing effort. By joining, you’re also guaranteeing that the Golden Rule Candlery provides our working partners the chance to be craftsman throughout the year. With every monthly shipment, you can feel good knowing that they carefully created your candle from the design of the scent to packing it up with care to arrive at your home. We will be posting more information on the club, and how to join here soon.

Adding a Dedicated Shop to Our Website

Yet, probably the biggest and most important announcement is that soon, you’ll be able to purchase our candles and join the monthly candle club via our website. All the proceeds will go to helping our working partners, from training to job placement, as well as keeping the Candlery alive. Throughout our dedicated online shop, you’re going to be able to browse your favorite scents, order a gift or two for you friends, and be a part of growing the Golden Rule Candlery even more in the months to come. With every purchase you make, you’ll be joining in on the hope, togetherness, and craftsmanship that’s making all of this possible at our Muskogee non-profit. And we’re very happy to have you be part of it! We already have an Etsy page at www.etsy.com/shop/goldenrulecandlery, and it has some fabulous vintage candle items, in addition to our candles and wax melts! Of course, if you are a local shopper, you are also welcome to come to our 2022 Shawnee Bypass location in Muskogee to purchase and avoid shipping costs.

Author Kit Williams – As a long-time writer and editor, Kit Williams has worked closely with many non-profit organizations to tell their story to the community. Through his partnership with Golden Rule, the organization is bringing its valuable message to the world. 

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