A Garden of Friendship at Golden Rule Industries

At Golden Rule Industries, our staff and working partners are always looking for more opportunities to engage the local community. For example, we’ve been part of the Muskogee G-Fest with our musical fun run as well as launching fundraising efforts with our Candlery. And truthfully, these types of projects have the potential to touch the lives of everyone involved.

Of course, community gardens are another way that local cities have come together in recent years. All across the country, from Oklahoma to Ohio and New York to Nevada, people are engaging in this age-old pastime. Today, you can even see a green thumb at work in backyards and public spaces everywhere. And it’s not hard to see why with the benefits a garden brings, as we’ll discover today.

Muskogee County Master Gardeners, TSET, & Golden Rule Industries

In reality, Muskogee isn’t just a place. While it is a physical location you can find on a map, any resident of our city in Oklahoma will tell you… Muskogee is also the friends, neighbors, community leaders, and organizations that bring it to life. For Golden Rule Industries, that means that we love uniting these groups together for a common good.


In that regard, the Muskogee County Master Gardeners and TSET were excellent partners for investing together in a community-based project. On the one hand, the Master Gardeners bring their expertise in planting and cultivating to the table. And TSET, with its mission to promote strong neighborhoods and healthy living, was a great match. Of course, you know all about Golden Rule Industries and our mission for good in Muskogee!

A Muskogee Community Garden

You might be wondering, however, why we chose a community garden for our next project. And there’s more than just one reason! First of all, it gives our working partners a venture that they can be proud of. In addition to seeing the “fruits of the labor,” they also get the benefit of work that is uplifting. Still, the project also provides them with skills related to caring for a delicate environment and working together.

But what about the community? By bringing hand-grown vegetables and herbs to Muskogee, we show that our city values locally-sourced options. We’re also showing how people of all abilities have a place in Oklahoma. By all measures, our new garden is a worthy addition. And it doesn’t hurt that you can make a delicious meal with the rewards from the Golden Rule garden!

At Golden Rule Industries, bringing the community together to support people with disabilities in their aspirations is our mission. And we love partnering with local Muskogee organizations in this endeavor.

Golden Rule Industries of Muskogee, Inc. is a non-profit agency established in 1953. Its mission is to better serve adults with disabilities – to improve their quality of life through vocational opportunities and more.

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