9 Ways to Save in Oklahoma This Tax-Free Weekend

You know the deal: every year at the end of summer, the back to school frenzy hits. But do you know how to make the most out of all those deals you see at the stores? When it comes down to  it, you can save a little or you can save a lot. Of course, all it takes is a little research before you go. But whether you’re shopping for back-to-school items or just a deal, you want to get the best deal possible! And for the tax-free weekends, it’s a big shopping event across Oklahoma. So, your friends at Golden Rule are starting your fun right here with these tips to save!

1) Make a plan to shop our local Golden Rule thrift stores

In Oklahoma, we’re proud to serve the area with 3 thrift stores in Muskogee, Tahlequah, and Wagoner. Your charitable purchases at our stores goes to our mission, as well as to employing disabled workers in finding meaningful career work. At all our stores, Wwe offer bargain deals year round on unique clothes, shoes, furniture, novelties, and more. And during your tax-free weekend, you get even bigger savings!

2) Research before heading to the store

You want the best savings during tax-free weekend, right? Here’s the deal – a little research can save you a lot. Compare costs online from different retailers and narrow down where to spend. However, you can also check print circulars and newspapers for coupons to clip. Still, don’t forget to get a little more technical and download retailers’ apps for exclusive coupons.

3) Stick to your buying list

For your tax-free shopping, your child’s back to school list is your guide. To ensure you don’t go over budget, make sure to buy only what’s required. In today’s world, it can be easy to splurge and spend crazy. If you’re not a parent and just shopping to save, you can also use a list to keep yourself within budget to get the best of saving and spending. And most importantly – don’t forget to bring your list!

4) Check your inventory at home or work

You don’t want to buy something that’s already sitting in a drawer somewhere at home. Before you go, see what you still has from last year, whether it’s school items for your child or items you use at home or work. At Golden Rule, we’re big proponents of upcycling to save. But reuse whatever you can, and you’ll still be getting those savings!

5) Stock up on lower-cost items

If you see a great deal for everyday items, get them while you can. For example, stock up school or office supplies that you can buy in bulk when they’re on sale. During this time, you’re taking advantage of the fact that they’re inexpensive and tax-free this weekend. Really, the idea is to spend now to save later. Some stores may even give you a bulk discount if you buy enough of something. However, be sure you check with retailers to verify.

6) Set a trip time before you head out

Everyone hates being stuck in an isle, surrounded by carts and chaos. And during tax-free weekend in Oklahoma, tons of people come out for the deals. Beat the crowds by shopping in the early morning or at night. Usually, stores get busiest around midday. Shopping early can help you score the deals while they’re in stock, and some places may offer doorbuster deals.

7) Remember your home office for tax-free shopping

Of course, back to school season isn’t just for students, and neither is your tax-free weekend. If you have an office or business, you know this weekend is prime time to save on supplies. Make a list of the items your workplace needs and stock up.

8) What’s included when you shop tax-free?

When you go shopping this weekend, you’ll find that tons of items are tax-free. Sadly, though, not everything will be discounted. You might be wondering what to add to your cart, so check out what’s included in Oklahoma. As it turns out, some technologies, clothing, and more are not tax-free, and you want to be sure you’re focusing on savings during this weekend.

9) Take advantage of price matching

One final tip, we’d like to give you involves price matching. You probably aware that some stores will price match to a competitor’s advertised price. And nothing says you can’t further take advantage of these deals during tax-free time and to save even bigger. However, you should check before to see where will do so and with what companies they price match to. Certain stores will not price match to Amazon, a popular tactic, due to the ability that anyone can be a third party seller on Amazon.

And that’s it! But everyone here at Golden Rule wants to wish you an amazing weekend, and don’t forget to stop by to see us for those vintage, upcycled, and discounted gifts for your tax-free weekend!

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