5 Reasons Why Careers Matter for People with Disabilities

For Golden Rule Industries, supporting people with disabilities in their careers is a big part of the picture. And as a non-profit in Oklahoma, we have decades of experience working hand-in-hand with business leaders and the community to make this happen.

Of course, maybe you’ve wondered about why this factor is such an important part of what we do. Maybe you’re even considering a partnership to include people with disabilities on your team. But why do careers matter so much for people with disabilities?

Adding New Perspectives to the Workforce

Whether you’re hiring a person with autism or perhaps someone who’s wheelchair-bound, you’re making a fundamental change. What kind of a change? People with disabilities bring unique perspectives to the table that aren’t always recognized. And through these perspectives, your team can possibly better serve your customers and help each other.

Inspiring Staff Beyond the Everyday

When you invite a person with disabilities to be part of your team, you also have the potential to inspire your staff. In reality, your new team member is likely to have a warm personality. They may also motivate your employees to view their own work and the company in a brighter light than before.

Showing Your Commitment to Giving Back

Speaking of business culture, by including a personal with disabilities on your team, you’re also giving back. Truthfully, by supporting a career for someone with a disability, you’re engaging with real people in the community and lifting them up. This is as much true whether you live in Oklahoma or Ohio, New Mexico or New York.

Embracing the Trend of Inclusion for People with Disabilities

You might also have noticed how, across the country, there’s a growing trend. And it’s gaining momentum. What could this incredible trend be? Inclusion for people with disabilities. Many times, you might find that others have preconceived notions about what people with disabilities can do, especially when it comes to careers. However, reality is far different. As more and more businesses jumping on this trend, people’s beliefs are being changed in a positive way.

Sense of pride and accomplishment for these people

But one of the biggest reasons why careers for people with disabilities are so important is much simpler. As people, these individuals deserve the same sense of pride and accomplishment that anyone desires. And here at Golden Rule Industries in Muskogee, we can assure you that our Working Partners have an immersive sense of happiness when it comes to the work opportunities we connect them with.

Are you a business owner in Oklahoma? Are you considering a partnership that gives back to the local community? Our staff would be happy to talk to you about all the possibilities when it comes to joining in on the Golden Rule mission!

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