5 More Reasons Why Careers are Important for People with Disabilities

At our non-profit in Oklahoma, we strive to provide meaningful career and work opportunities for people with disabilities. And recently, we saw how important this mission is in the larger community and across the country. From adding perspective in the workforce to showing your commitment to giving back, there are more than a few reasons to support this growing trend.

And whether you’re a business leader or a team member at a company, the fact is that there are numerous other benefits to supporting the job aspirations of people with disabilities. So, today, we’re going to see 5 more reasons why it’s so important, in Oklahoma and beyond!

Giving everyone meaningful career opportunities

At Golden Rule Industries, we’re committed to supporting people with disabilities in their career aspirations. But it’s so much more than just “another job!” Truthfully, we help our Working Partners attain meaningful opportunities. Through this effort, across the country, everyone can have a chance to feel purpose in their careers. And when you partner with us, you’re helping the Oklahoma community make this mission a reality!

Engage your staff about what matters most in your workplace

When you employ someone with a disability, you’re opening up the conversation to what matters most at your workplace. And this discussion can be an excellent starting place for the values and ethics you want to embody at your company or business. It’s also an incredible way to highlight how each member of the team plays their part by bringing their strengths to the table.

Publicly spotlight your company’s ethics and values

Speaking of company culture, it’s also important to hire people with disabilities because it can show others in the community what you value. In our last article, we saw that you can show your commitment to giving back. But the benefit is so much bigger than just that. In fact, you can show how your company is dedicated to genuine teamwork, pride of work, and so much more.

Reducing vulnerability and lifting people up in an authentic way

At the same time, you’re also lifting up others in an authentic way through meaningful work. And in terms of vulnerability, you’re providing a safe, welcoming place for people with disabilities to learn valuable skills on the job. These skills translate to a community with members who care for and watch out for each other.

Fostering new growth and new directions

In our last article, we saw how you can add new perspectives to your workplace by providing careers for people with disabilities. And with this comes another benefit. Through their contribution, our Working Partners can also help your workplace foster new ideas.

Are you a business owner in Oklahoma? Are you considering a partnership that gives back to the local community? Our staff would be happy to talk to you about all the possibilities when it comes to joining in on the Golden Rule mission!

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