5 Amazing People with Disabilities and How They Changed the World

At Golden Rule Industries, our mission is to support the lives and career aspirations of people with disabilities. And a huge part of that mission is recognizing the accomplishments they attain as they make a real difference in our world. In reality, these achievements represent triumphs, not just for the individuals, but for their families, friends, and communities. And in the case of these amazing people with disabilities, they changed the way we look at the entire world!

Rosemary Kennedy, the Inspiration Behind the Special Olympics

While Rosemary’s entire story is sad and unfortunate in several ways, her life was likely a catalyst for an event we’ve all come to recognize. And that’s the Special Olympics. Without Rosemary, her sister may never have founded the largest sporting organization for people with intellectual disabilities. And today, that organization has touched the lives of millions around the globe.

Louis Braille, the Creator of Braille

When it comes to amazing people with disabilities and how they changed the world, Louis Braille is definitely up there. And you might not have ever even heard about his story! But we’re willing to bet you’ve heard about braille, the reading system for visually impaired people. Blinded in both eyes due to a youth accident, Louis Braille would go on to help blind people the world over in accessing information and good books!

Famous Innovator, Thomas Edison

Not many people are aware of the fact that Thomas Edison, the inventor of the light bulb, was a person with a disability. And you certainly can’t deny that he made an impact on the world! With his many inventions, he significantly altered the course of history. And not everyone knows that he was not only deaf but considered to have an intellectual disability as a child.

World Champion, Lou Gehrig

For baseball player Lou Gehrig, fame came on in the sporting arena. But his public battle with ALS (Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis) brought attention to this disability, but also many other conditions throughout the world. In addition, his legacy would later inspire the Ice Bucket Challenge, a popular charitable activity that went viral recently and help raise even more awareness.

The Most Amazing People with Disabilities, the Golden Rule Working Partners!

Of course, we couldn’t leave of some of the most amazing people with disabilities in the world. And that’s our very own Working Partners! Every day, they make an impact in our Oklahoma community and serve as the inspiration for our staff and residents. Through their generosity, dedication, and hard work, we all learn more about what it means to be committed to each other and our world!

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