World Kindness Day: 9 Ways to Celebrate

Every year, on November 13th, people all around the globe celebrate a day dedicated solely to being kind. In fact, this special holiday has been on the calendar since 1998! And from Singapore to Seattle and Oklahoma to Ontario, people come together on this day to put a light on doing good in our communities, having a positive mindset, and being kind to each other.

Of course, our staff and Working Partners at Golden Rule Industries wanted to make sure you have plenty of ways to celebrate this year. Because well all need the power of a kind word or gesture, today is an excellent opportunity to help strengthen the bonds that tie us together. So, for your World Kindness Day, we’re bringing you 9 different ways you can celebrate with your friends!

Listen to Someone’s Story

One of the easiest ways to celebrate World Kindness Day that has a huge impact is to listen to someone’s story. It only takes a moment, and they’ll feel so appreciated!

Practice a Random Act of Kindness

If you’ve never heard of random acts of kindness, you’ll find that it’s a simple idea: instead of planning out your kindness to the letter, simply make it a priority to spontaneously do something kind today!

Teach Your Children About World Kindness Day

From the classroom to the playground, teaching children about World Kindness Day is a wonderful way to spread the news. And when they join in the fun, you’re inspiring a whole new generation of kindness!

Give Someone a Special Gift

Whether you stop by one of our Oklahoma thrift stores to get a handcrafted gift from our Working Partners or pick up something special at a retail store, giving gifts is always kind!

Send a Card to a Friend

Another easy and affordable way to celebrate this holiday is to send a card to a friend. It doesn’t even have to be anything complicated; simply acknowledging how much you appreciate them!

Ask Someone What Kindness Means to Them

At the same time, you can explore what kindness means to others just by asking them! Through this conversation, you’re getting to know them better and building a stronger relationship.

Read Quotes about Kindness

You can also share quotes about kindness with your friends and family today. This helps inspire others to see how kindness truly does span generations.

Connecting with our Working Partners

From volunteering to stopping by one of our thrift stores, you can practice kindness by connecting with our Working Partners. They love meeting new people in Oklahoma!

Share this Post with Your Friends

But probably one of our favorite ways to celebrate World Kindness Day is to share this article with a friend. When you do, you’ll remind them of the importance of practicing kindness in their lives.

Are you a business owner in Oklahoma? Are you considering a partnership that gives back to the local community? Our staff would be happy to talk to you about all the possibilities when it comes to joining in on the Golden Rule mission!

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