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International Day of Persons with Disabilities - Golden Rule Industries

If you didn’t know it already, December 3rd is International Day of Persons with Disabilities. And as an an Oklahoma non-profit whose mission is to support and provide employment opportunities for people with disabilities, you know we just had to celebrate this day! If you’re wondering how this day came about and what it means for making an impact on people with disabilities, read on to find out on how you can observe this important international day.

History of International Day of Persons with Disabilities

So, when did people starting celebrating this holiday? This annual day of observance came into existence in 1992 by the United Nations General Assembly Resolution 47/3. The aim of the day is to promote a better understanding of people with disabilities worldwide. At the same time, you can also help foster equality in all facets of society through this day. People with disabilities often face unique challenges, but it is important that they can attain the same dignity, well-being, and rights as non-disabled people. 

World Facts on People with Disabilities

According to the World Bank, one billion people, or over 15% of the world’s population live with a disability. It is also estimated that one fifth of these people live with significant and severe disabilities. And if you live in the United States, the CDC reports that one in four adults here live with some type of disability. This means that you are likely to encounter a person with a disability almost every day! And disabilities are not always visual, like using a wheelchair or being blind. They also include a whole range of neurological disorders and chronic illnesses that influence people’s daily lives.

Barriers Faced by Persons with Disabilities

As previously mentioned, people with disabilities often face unique issues and barriers that non-disabled people do not. One of the more obvious issues that persons with disabilities often face are lack of accessible environments and public places. This also includes access to transportation that can meet needs of mobility issues. But there are other barriers too. These include the unavailability of assistive devices and technology. There’s also the means of communication that are not adapted for disabilities. And finally, societal stigma and prejudice against people with disabilities. These challenges often bar individuals in many aspects of their lives, such as gaining meaningful employment and being financially independent to support their own livelihoods. 

Ways You Can Get Involved and Celebrate

With this year’s theme of International Day of Persons with Disabilities being, “Empowering persons with disabilities and ensuring inclusiveness and equality,” At Golden Rule Industries of Muskogee, we’re working to do just that! We operate as a nonprofit that works with people with disabilities toward placing them in purposeful employment. But not just any employment! We seek to support them in roles that add meaning to their lives and gives them a place in society.

If you’d like to get involved in the celebration, take some time today to find out more about persons with disabilities and the issues they face. You can do some of your own research online. Or reach out to someone in your community with a disability to hear their story. And if you’d like to support equality and inclusion even further, you can donate to Golden Rule Industries and find out for yourself all the benefits of giving!

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