Benefits of Being a Working Partner at Golden Rule Industries

Working Partners at Golden Rule Industries in Oklahoma - Golden Rule IndustriesIf you or a loved one is a person with a developmental disability in Oklahoma, how you can Golden Rule Industries and the services we provide help? Day in and day out, our nonprofit’s mission is committed to providing employment training and career opportunities for persons with severe disabilities. And we provide these services to individuals that reside in the Muskogee, Tahlequah, Wagoner areas, as well as the Tulsa metro area. When you or your loved one is looking to become an integral part of your community and gain meaningful employment, you’ll discover a number of benefits to becoming a Golden Rule Working Partner.

Join a Community of Your Peers

When you first join us as a Working Partner at Golden Rule Industries, you’ll join a community of other people like you living with developmental disabilities. Working Partners can oftentimes be placed in group job settings, where they can work together on a regular basis and in a supportive environment. So not only will you have found employment that matches your skills, you can make new friends too!   

Further Your Job Skills

Speaking of job skills, career training is another great benefit of becoming a Working Partner at Golden Rule Industries. When you work with us, you’ll undergo an initial assessment of your current skills. In turn, we match our Working Partners with their career interests whenever possible. At the same time, our staff works with you to develop your work skills with the aim of placing you into long-term employment. 

Gain Meaningful Employment Experiences

Once you’re placed into an employment situation, you’ll gain even more experience right on the job! Our Working Partners currently work in retail, janitorial, and customer services positions, for example, and they love what they do! Not only will you connect with others like you on the job, you’ll gain trust from your employers and build up your employment experience for any future careers you may have. 

Be an Advocate for Inclusion in the Community

Another important reason to become a Working Partner at Golden Rule Industries is you’re not only benefiting yourself; you’re benefiting your entire community. It’s no secret today that people with disabilities are often unemployed and underemployed compared to persons without a disability in the U.S. As a regular employee gaining meaningful work experience, you’ll meet people in your Oklahoman community and act as an advocate for inclusion through your performance and willingness to work.

Receiving Support and Mentorship

While you promote advocacy in your community just by being employed, Golden Rule Industries will work as an advocate for you, offering you continual support and mentorship. Our staff team is committed to working together to foster meaningful relationships with all our Working Partners to guide them on the path to living successful and fulfilling lives.   

So what are you waiting for? If you or loved one with a developmental disability resides in the Tulsa, Muskogee, Tahlequah, or Wagoner areas of Oklahoma, reach out to our Director of Vocation, Becca Geiger McLemore, at 918-682-6500 today! As of the first half of 2019, we’re accepting candidates who are on a federal Medicaid waiver and have a Oklahoma dept of human services Development Disabilities Services case manager. When you start reaping the benefits of being a Working Partner with us, you’ll be so glad you did, and we’re looking forward to having you join the family!

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