4 Engaging Disability Blogs to Add to Your Reading List

4 Engaging Disability Blogs to Add to Your Reading List - Golden Rule IndustriesWhere do you turn when you need everything from viral videos to the latest news? You might be surprised to learn that there are tons of disability blogs out there for you to read! And because the community for people with disabilities is so diverse, you’ll find something interesting for just about everyone.

Of course, at Golden Rule Industries of Oklahoma, we keep up with it all, just for you! Whether you’re a caregiver for someone with disabilities or a close friend, we know how big a difference quality resources can make. So, today, we’re sharing with you 4 disability blogs for you to check out. And if we missed your favorite one, please let us know!

Assistive Technology Blog for Apps and Tech

Let’s start with one of our favorite disability blogs here at Golden Rule Industries. And this one is absolutely awesome! At Assistive Technology Blog, you’ll find the most up-to-date news for apps and other technology that will surely impress you.

What We Love Best About This One

This blog isn’t exclusive to one disability. In fact, it’s very inclusive, while still being relevant and interesting.

Asha’s Leader Live for Deafness and More

And speaking about understanding the diversity of the community for people with disabilities, this next one hits the mark too. To tap into what’s happening in the speech, language, and deafness world, ASHA is your best bet. This one does an outstanding job bringing you articles on every facet of this community.

What We Love Best About This One

This resource is well-organized, especially when it comes to their categories. We appreciate how easy they’ve made it to find what you need.

SCOPE, a Disability Blog for Equality

And if equality trends is what engages you most, SCOPE should be your next new blog to read. In early 2019, the site changed its permanent address and its format. But you can still find articles on topics on many topics. Need an example or two? AI-powered technology, the impact of storytelling, and employment resources!

What We Love Best About This One

This blog is one of our favorites for engaging content. The articles break away from the run-of-the-mill to give readers interesting content.

Trend-Able Highlights Women’s Fashion

But now for something totally different. What about style for women with disabilities? The truth is that fashion is getting more and more attention in the disabilities community. And this blog has a monopoly on looking good!

What We Love Best About This One

We can’t downplay the importance of this trend for people with disabilities. As your local Oklahoma non-profit with several thrift stores, you know we can’t get enough fashion!

And when you want to grab an outfit that impresses, but that doesn’t break the bank, Golden Rule Industries always has what you need. From trendy distressed flannels to shoes, hats, and more, you’ll love what you find. Stop by and see us in Muskogee, Tahlequah, and Wagoner!

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