Working Partner Highlight: A Chat with Tabitha

Tabitha smiling, one of Golden Rule's star Working PartnersAs a non-profit in Oklahoma, our mission is to support our community in the best ways that we can. And our Working Partners help make that happen on a daily basisFrom our thrift stores to growing and selling veggies from our local garden, our community thrives on the work that our Working Partners put into Golden Rule. There are many things that connect us all, and one of those things is the passion that we all hold for building a strong foundation and standing tall in the impacts that we are having in our community.  

Here at Golden Rule, we love our Working Partners! They’re the incredible individuals that help us run like a well-oiled machine. So, we wanted to highlight one of our star players, Tabitha, and ask her about her experience as a Working Partner here at Golden Rule.  

First, we asked her about how long she’s been a Working Partner at Golden Rule Industries, and how it has helped her get a job to perform her work. She gave us a great answer and what we found out was that Tabitha has been working at Golden Rule for about a year and believes that it takes true talent to learn and understand the opportunities that are out there. She has gained incredible administrative skills such as answering the phone in appropriate ways, transferring callers to other stores, and developing her people skills. She explained that she loves to talk people and considers herself a people person.  

Our next question asked about what she enjoyed most about being part of Golden Rule Industries. She let us know that she enjoys spending time with other Working Partners and being part of a team.  When asked about what it’s like being part of a team, she said that she gets the opportunity to work with other people in her community that are easy to work with. She also highlighted that the most enjoyable part of being part of Golden Rule Industries is that she gets to be there for people in the Muskogee area. She is originally from Wellington, Kansas and came to Muskogee with her family, so it’s clear that she has made a home of Oklahoma. 

Colorful Sign Created by Tabitha saying that Golden Rule is the best job ever

We were interested in learning more about what Tabitha thought about Golden Rule Industries when she first came, so we asked her about that experience. She mentioned that it was an awesome experience and a lot of fun being part of a team that is there for you when you need it. When asked about the skills and opportunities she hopes to continue gaining from being part of Golden Rule Industries, she said that she wants to continue being part of a team and supporting them through the challenges that they may face. 

There are so many things that makes each one of us unique, and it’s no different when it comes to our Working Partners. We asked Tabitha what makes her unique and she said her personality, and we would have to agree! We then asked her about the most memorable thing that she’s done this year with the Golden Rule team, and she said the Oklahoma City Thunder basketball game where she was cheering them on, despite their loss. It made us happy to know that no matter what, it’s important to support your home team! 

We’re thrilled to have sat down with Tabitha and get to know her a little better and highlight her on the Golden Rule Industries blog. Our Working Partners are an integral part of what we do here in Muskogee and we’re grateful to have partners like Tabitha that enjoy what they do and have the Golden Rule Industries mission instilled in their hearts.  

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