We are caring people


Golden Rule is especially focused on serving the developmentally disabled community as a preferred provider for Oklahoma Department of Human Services, Developmentally Disabled Services Division.

Golden Rule is a vocational services provider, which means that our clients live elsewhere in the community and work in our operation. At Golden Rule we strive to stay on the cutting edge of services that we can provide to the disabled community. We are focused on providing the disabled workforce with jobs that meet their life’s goals and are dedicated to make their dreams come true.

While we pride ourselves in being pioneers in the area we serve as the vocational agency that customizes and creates jobs based on the goals and dreams of our workers we do have a fairly comprehensive core job offerings. We enable the workers we are so proud to serve an opportunity to participate in service to our country.


We provide vocational services for qualifying disabled workers.

How does an individual qualify? To be qualified as a disabled worker under the guidelines we are accountable to an individual has to complete a competitive employment evaluation with one of our assessment specialists. The competitive employment evaluation lets us know if an individual is capable of maintaining a job in the community without an advocate. If an individual has an intelligence quotient of 70 or less or is legally blind by State of Oklahoma standards that individual automatically qualifies for our vocational services. Who oversees our agency? Golden Rule Industries of Muskogee, Inc. is a non-profit agency that has 11 unpaid members of the board of directors. In turn the board of directors have an executive director that operates the day to day business of Golden Rule.