March 23, 2017
Disability Accessible Sign

Leading fulfilling lives: Vocational services for adults with disabilities

As a mother of a children with special needs, I’ve put a lot of thought into where I want them to be when they become adults. Will they always live with me? Would they really be happy doing that? Will they be able to contribute to society on their own, despite their disabilities? What do they really dream of doing with their lives? As my children have grown, I’ve had to make […]
March 21, 2017
Golden Rule 5k & Musical Fun Run

The Next Step: Your Planning Guide to the Golden Rule 5k & Fun Run

First, we have huge news for the Golden Rule 5k & Musical Fun Run: you can now register online! If you haven’t yet heard the news, our Muskogee non-profit is putting on an absolutely amazing running event that’s sure to inspire the entire community. Along with enjoying all the G-Fest excitement, you’ll also be able to experience the unity of the Muskogee community during our 1st annual 5k and fun run. And […]
March 16, 2017
Golden Rule's Golden Soy Wax Melts in Cucumber Lime Verbena

Hope, Togetherness, & Craftsmanship. The Golden Rule Candlery is Growing

Golden Rule Candlery now has an Etsy page, and we are making wax melts! At our Muskogee non-profit, we’re always on a mission to touch the lives of our working partners, as well as the lives of residents throughout the Muskogee area. After all, it’s our desire to make a real impact throughout our community by providing opportunities for our working partners, but also through uniting all of us in a common […]
February 22, 2017

Online registration coming soon for the Golden Rule Musical 5K/Fun Run at G-Fest

As the Golden Rule staff plans and organizes our upcoming music-minded 5k and fun run, we’re keeping you in the loop with all the developments. Together, we learned about what sparked the idea and got the ball rolling. Then, we also saw our musical theme come together, as well as how Golden Rule, a favorite Muskogee non-profit, is partnering with G-Fest, the area’s exciting outdoor music festival. And now, we’re running down […]