October 10, 2016

A Portrait of Togetherness with U.S. Military Janitorial Crews

What makes an awesome team, a team that’s happy to come together each time and make an impact, however big or small, on the world? This question has been asked by many people throughout the decades, but at Golden Rule Industries, we have some classic examples of teams that get it right. For example, when it comes to the Blue Team at Broken Arrow, there isn’t any other way. This team, shown […]
October 5, 2016

The Story of Jimmy “The Legend” Owen

Legends are Made, Not Born: Throughout the years, many of us are lucky enough to meet someone who truly inspires. It can be through their sense of dedication or their genuine expressions of compassion, through their calm patience while working with others or their perseverance in the face of difficult challenges. Their commitment to bettering the world around them might be done quietly, as is often the case. And many times, their smaller […]