The Next Step: Your Planning Guide to the Golden Rule 5k & Fun Run

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The Next Step: Your Planning Guide to the Golden Rule 5k & Fun Run

Golden Rule 5k & Musical Fun Run

First, we have huge news for the Golden Rule 5k & Musical Fun Run: you can now register online! If you haven’t yet heard the news, our Muskogee non-profit is putting on an absolutely amazing running event that’s sure to inspire the entire community. Along with enjoying all the G-Fest excitement, you’ll also be able to experience the unity of the Muskogee community during our 1st annual 5k and fun run. And really, the event represents an opportunity to run alongside your fellow Muskogee residents of all backgrounds.

From friendly competition to cheering each other on through the challenges, this run is going to be one incredible chance to show your support of Muskogee, all while helping Golden Rule in supporting our working partners and the community. Of course, to make sure you’re totally ready to hit the track with all of us, we’ve put together this Golden Rule guide for you.

Complete Your Registration for the Course

Now that online registration is ready, you can head over and sign up for your spot in the Golden Rule 5k & Musical Fun Run. While you might be tempted to be one of those last-minute signups, consider the benefits of registering early. Not only are you guaranteed an official shirt for the run, you can also be sure you’re getting the early bird pricing as well.

Commence with Your Running Strategy

Whether you choose to run the 5k or the musical fun run (or both!), you’ll likely want to consider a running plan. While the fun run will be a bit more relaxed, the 5k is promising to be a satisfying challenge for seasoned and novice runners alike. Consider which shoes will work best for you, in addition to a few other items, such as a hat or visor, sunscreen, a watch, sunglasses, your running shorts, and possibly, anti-chafing lotion. Then hit the track to prepare yourself, so you’re completely ready to run your best!

Gear Up to Meet Celebrities Like James Brown, Lady Gaga, and More

You can feel the excitement in the air around our Muskogee non-profit locations here at Golden Rule. Montrell is contemplating attending the musical fun run as James Brown. Verlin, the sweetheart of Muskogee, is still debating which musician he’ll be, and Sonia is already ready to dance. Your next step is to get excited too! You’ll also want to start planning which musician you’ll want to run as during the musical fun run or at the very least, gear up to meet some serious celebrity lookalikes. And don’t worry, you’ll get to see some of what our working partners have planned when we release our Golden Rule 5k & Musical Fun Run promotional video!

Recommend a Sponsor and Share the News

Your final step to prepare for the annual Golden Rule 5k & Musical Fun Run is all about community. Because we’re a Muskogee non-profit, in reality, all of you are the ones who make what we do possible. To make this run the biggest, most awesome event possible, we need you to share the news with your friends and family, but also to suggest to your local businesses how they can become sponsors. They’ll get their name out there for all to see, but they’re also supporting the Muskogee community in a big way, and what could possibly be better than that?

Interested in becoming an official sponsor? Please, contact Wendy at 918-682-6500 ext. 227 or email her at


Author Kit Williams – As a long-time writer and editor, Kit Williams has worked closely with many non-profit organizations to tell their story to the community. Through his partnership with Golden Rule, the organization is bringing its valuable message to the world.

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