Our Mission

"We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give."

Community building, individual development, and fostering an environment of trust through partnership
A world of equal opportunity for those with disabilities to gain meaningful employment
Evaluation, advisement, and long-term job placement for individuals with disabilities

The Golden Rule Industries Mission

Our Oklahoma non-profit has an incredible mission: by providing employment opportunities to people with disabilities throughout the local community, we’re bringing the entire community together. And we’re not talking about just any work, but meaningful work for our Working Partners, the real people with disabilities whose lives are uplifted through our services and programs.

Founded in 1953 by business and civic leaders, the organization has been at the heart of the Oklahoma community. Over the decades, our organization has touched the lives of countless individuals throughout Oklahoma. 

In addition to employment training and career opportunities for people with severe disabilities, our non-profit also operates three thrift stores in Muskogee, Wagoner, and Tahlequah, Oklahoma. As we provide you with a source of affordable retail items, you provide our Working Partners the invaluable chance to grow as people while leading purposeful lives in our communities.

Our Vision for the Oklahoma Community

As a committed member of the Oklahoma community, Golden Rule Industries of Muskogee, Inc. is a non-profit agency proud to be part of the vision for our state. We seek to engage with residents and visitors alike as we act as a force for good and advocates for people with disabilities. 

While our metropolitan areas continue to grow, job opportunities also follow. By providing a voice for people with disabilities, we ensure that they are a visible and respected piece of that vocational picture. 

With 11 unpaid members on the board of directors and an executive director who oversees the organization’s day-to-day operations, Golden Rule’s intimate staff team is committed to working together to foster meaningful relationships with all of our Working Partners to guide them on the path to living successful and fulfilling lives. 

Our Services for Local Area Residents

If you’re a local individual with a disability, you might qualify for vocational support from Golden Rule Industries. How do you qualify? 

  • Connect with Golden Rule staff to arrange the process.
  • Undergo a competitive employment evaluation by our assessment specialists. 
  • After a review of your evaluation, you may meet the guidelines for support.

Your competitive employment evaluation lets us know if you, as an individual, are capable of maintaining a job in the community without an advocate. Any individual that has an intelligence quotient of 70 or less or is legally blind by State of Oklahoma standards automatically qualifies that individual for our vocational services.