September 13, 2018
Career opportunities for people with disabilities - Golden Rule

5 More Reasons Why Careers are Important for People with Disabilities

At our non-profit in Oklahoma, we strive to provide meaningful career and work opportunities for people with disabilities. And recently, we saw how important this mission is in the larger community and across the country. From adding perspective in the workforce to showing your commitment to giving back, there are more than a few reasons to support this growing trend. And whether you’re a business leader or a team member at a […]
August 16, 2018
Careers for People with Disbailities - Golden Rule

5 Reasons Why Careers Matter for People with Disabilities

For Golden Rule Industries, supporting people with disabilities in their careers is a big part of the picture. And as a non-profit in Oklahoma, we have decades of experience working hand-in-hand with business leaders and the community to make this happen. Of course, maybe you’ve wondered about why this factor is such an important part of what we do. Maybe you’re even considering a partnership to include people with disabilities on your […]
May 9, 2018
Gardening for Good 4 - Golden Rule Industries

A Garden of Friendship at Golden Rule Industries

At Golden Rule Industries, our staff and working partners are always looking for more opportunities to engage the local community. For example, we’ve been part of the Muskogee G-Fest with our musical fun run as well as launching fundraising efforts with our Candlery. And truthfully, these types of projects have the potential to touch the lives of everyone involved. Of course, community gardens are another way that local cities have come together […]
April 26, 2018
Autism Awareness Month at Our Oklahoma Non-Profit - Golden Rule

5 Reasons for Autism Awareness Month

As April comes to a close, you definitely want to remember that this month was Autism Awareness Month. From Muskogee to Minneapolis and New York to Nevada, people everywhere have taken these 30 days to spread the word about autism and autism-spectrum awareness. As an Oklahoma non-profit that supports people with disabilities, Golden Rule staff and partners have always been committed to growing understanding and compassion around these topics throughout the year. […]